A new article explains the advantage that animals have of using a specific type of chaotic type of movement called a ‘Lévy walk,’ and how this type of behavior emerges. Using computer modeling, the author shows that this type of movement can allow animals to make flexible decisions between ‘exploitation’ […]

Researchers engineered three-dimensional functional heart organoids resembling the developing heart. By exposing mouse embryonic stem cells to two key proteins during heart development, the researchers were able to form heart organoids with structural, functional, and molecular similarities to the embryonic heart during development. This method could be used to study […]

Paladin Appoints Former NCSC CEO The former CEO of the UK government’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has joined Paladin Capital Group as a managing director.  The appointment of Ciaran Martin by the global cyber and deep tech investor, headquartered in Washington, DC, was announced today.   Previously, Martin was hired as director […]

Netwalker Goes After Nurses’ Data The cybercrime gang Netwalker claims to have exfiltrated data from the College of the Nurses of Ontario in a ransomware attack. A screenshot of data allegedly swiped from the college was posted on Netwalker’s website, where the college’s name has been added to a growing […]

A new study simultaneously examined the preferences of community members and compared those with the community-based programs and resources available to identify the most viable strategies for addressing disparities in healthy food consumption.

OneSpan Appoints New Chief Technology OfficerCybersecurity firm OneSpan has announced the appointment of Ajay Keni as its new chief technology officer (CTO). Keni will replace Benoit Grangé in the post, who will take up a new position as chief technology evangelist, in which he will “focus on sharing OneSpan’s technology […]

Ever since cloud computing became something more than an academic icebreaker, companies have sought to reap its benefits. One of the many innovations of cloud computing is cloud migration or the process of moving applications, databases, and business architectures to a (third-party) cloud environment. Obviously, there are several benefits to […]

Traces of violence on 1700 year old skeletons allow researchers to reconstruct warfare and sacrifices of nomads in Siberia. An international and interdisciplinary team of anthropologists, archaeologists and specialists in forensic sciences performed a detailed and revealing analysis of the traumas found on the skeletal remains.